Jaya Khoobsurat (‘The Movie Lady’)
Creative Director/Producer
of Red Swag Films

Firstly, the cogs in the wheel of a team all work together as one entity. So.. seeking a small, tight crew who can take direction, but work independently, and will support each other like a team should – think of the cogs in a watch – remove one tiny weeny cog, and the watch does not work.

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Seeking #1 Priority and cannot progress without – Executive Producer/Bookings Manager: A cool dude or dudette to secure our work and raise funding – however please remember, we are starting out as a very small, tight team, working towards bigger projects as we get solid with our work – so lets start with a cup of coffee and go from there. Applicant needs a sensible track record with some decent quality references, but seeking someone who wants to start working with us, mostly online at first, in a wee-small independent company.

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Later on… There will be need for further crew and staff in coming months – all depends on how busy we get. So… here’s a list of the most important roles – and bear in mind, we are starting small to build a solid, kind, protective, hard-working, honest team of Creatives who want to excel in their visual output – a great track record and ‘can do’ attitude will be vital. Fine words; but you’ll need to prove yourself!

  • Editor (with laptop/desktop, Adobe Premiere) – relaxed but fast, yes mmm…
  • DOP (with gear) – an eye for beauty, natural style and absolute humanity is the key to the RSF lens.
  • Sound Engineer (with gear) – considered highly valuable – one of the most important people in the team!
  • Production Manager that can do just about everything in the office, but online! Needs to be able to work budgets proficiently – happy to train someone, but, they need attention to detail as a proven track record – can’t mess about with film budgets!
  • Hair & Makeup on call, as needed – initially, a small amount of work, but if you are really good at your tasks, then… you might become irreplaceable to us!
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And importantly…

  • Drivers Licence, and reliable cars to get around with gear will be needed.
  • Police check essential from day one; and a Working with Children’s Card may be required down the track.

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