Straight up: Want to do something worthwhile with your hard earned $$??

Want to support a fledgling film company and a Film Producer who has battled away and still is standing despite all thrown at them?

Want to be part of creating humanitarian stories, assisting other Creatives in uplifting small struggling businesses and an even longer goalpost of getting kids off the streets that have fallen through the cracks of life?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s what is being worked towards long-term. From scratch. For after being at the bottom a few years, we rise like the Pheonix from the ashes… to re-try. To re-day-dream, then to create, to love, to heal, to unite, despite all challenges, we persevere despite all – because we love doing what we do. I figure the great Divine puts these dreams in our head for a good reason, to keep the Creation flowing, moving, growing, dissolving, solving, resolving and finally a product of our hard-won experience is born. And my dream is to bring that glimpse of heaven down-onto-earth. Just a wee bit at very least!

From small seeds, very large and strong trees grow. That’s me, Creative Producer Jaya Khoobsurat. I want to get kids off the street – and, in that process of inventing, continuing my meditations on this task, and to keep me off the streets too (well, out of living in a cardboard box at very least!). I want to create films, that in the long run, the fruits of those labours will help disadvantaged kids thrive at a time when life gave up on them, and work towards some really great ‘other’ dreams before its all too late – for the clock is ticking. Yep, I need the communities help to achieve this dream – for these tasks will be community projects too.

For now, I’m teaching ESL online, scrubbing out houses for bread and butter (rent, food, petrol money), I’m not on any Social Security benefits – just me and the great Divine energy that supports us all. So how about it? Is donating the cost of a cup of coffee each month (at very least) and its worth knowing, you’re helping me to fulfill my long-held dream of making great films, that in the process, will assist getting kids off the streets – does this appeal to your heart at all?

You see, I’m not just a kind face – I have gusto, oomph and a great sense of ‘righteousness’. The kind of nouse that knows right from wrong. That likes to help others, even when they don’t return the favours (oh yes, I could tell you a few yarns on that account – but I don’t want to waste your time, and so will keep things to a minimum here). So… I have still some solid desires to assist others, despite the self-entitled believing they deserve all of it to themselves (*my face has a wry smile*)! And I must do this work best I can, outside of MSM and normal government coffers – and so, I will need the public’s support.

Shoot me an email if you need to – HERE – to ask any questions as to my integrity, mindset, tenacity and focus. Happy to oblige if it means you can be a part of this dream-made-into-reality. Might take me a few years, but I won’t give up. Never. Never, ever, give up. That’s what we must all say when the going gets tough.

Here’s a recent couple of posts about my efforts to regain the film side of life, which included that I had to sell all my film gear (*lots of tears that day*), and store my small cache of worldly goods (till god knows only when I’ll see it all again and in what shape it will all be when I get it back!) in order to ‘jump ship’ and travel to the far north to start life again, which brought me a wealth of experiences the next/past two years; but now I’m ready for the ‘next step’ again – using my skills and knowledge for serving humanity – need some film gear, and the right people. Stories, scripts, etc, are all in the offing.

A little film from two years ago.

And, a first post from around the same time.

Then a 2nd post a few months later.

EVERYTHING changed in that few months.

And so, I finally have created a ‘call to action’ button – press it if it inspires you. I won’t give up – just need a little support for a bit, whilst I multi-task – ESL teaching, singing for free on Smule to keep my voice in peak shape, writing a script or two, keeping the wolf from the door and paying my own bills, and even Feng Shui decluttering other people’s homes (cleaning up all the messes basically, that humans get themselves into from buying too much stuff – LOL!); and all whist I drum up the right film people to help and work with me into the future.

Here’s that [Paypal] call-to-action button (yes, it took me 50+ years to learn to put a cyber button on a webpage and ASK for independent help! Strewth!!). Your support means the world, truly. And I will honour your trust in me. I’m transparent, and can’t take anything with me when its time to go – so I want to do some good stuff before I leave – a legacy of Creativity and tenacity, and, for kids who no one cares about – that’s where I’m at, and what I want to achieve in the next five years. Just need a leg up for a bit.

Cheers, Founder, Red Swag Films – Jaya Khoobsurat 28.01.22 5pm.



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